Pediatric Dental Fillings near Randolph NJ

pediatric dental fillings near randolph nj Expert Dental Care for Your Child

Pediatric dental fillings are used to protect damaged or decayed teeth so your child can retain proper, pain-free chewing function and enjoy restored tooth health. Our experienced pediatric dentist offers high-quality pediatric dental fillings near Randolph, NJ, to help preserve your child’s tooth health.

Why Your Child Might Need a Filling

There are many reasons why our pediatric dentist could recommend a filling for your child’s teeth. A couple of the most common causes are:

Tooth Decay – A tooth can decay, breaking down the tooth structure. Oftentimes, children don’t feel a cavity until it is too late and the decay has progressed into a more serious issue.

Fractures and Chips – A chipped tooth can be more than a cosmetic concern. Hairline cracks in the enamel can expose the tooth to bacteria, causing decay, as well as cause the tooth to split and break.

Our Gentle, Empathetic Approach

If our pediatric dentist recommends a filling for your child, you can rest assured that they’re in good hands! Our Roxbury Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry dental team is specially trained to work on children’s teeth. We encourage a “less is more” approach when speaking to your child about their upcoming filling appointment. Our pediatric dental team will use kid-friendly terms during their visit.
To set your child at ease, our pediatric dentist may offer nitrous oxide. Children are encouraged not to eat anything two hours before their appointment. The “laughing gas” will help relax your child, and it is common to overhear them laughing throughout their visit while wearing their “ice cream nose.”

Our pediatric dentist will use a special numbing gel before giving any “sleepy juice” (anesthetic). Your child may talk about Mr. Bumpy, Mr. Spray, and Mr. Thirsty during their filling visit, all at their service to get the “Sugar Bugs” (decay) removed from their teeth. Your child will love showing off their newly shined white teeth.

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