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Accele Orthodontics

Achieve Your Healthiest Smile in a Fraction of the Time

At Roxbury Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, we know most people don’t relish the idea of spending years in braces. The good news is that when you choose us for your orthodontic treatment, you won’t have to! We are proud to offer our patients the opportunity to take advantage of state-of-the-art orthodontic technology that speeds up tooth movement. In fact, accele orthodontics in Succasunna, NJ, can dramatically reduce your treatment time by up to 50% over traditional methods. Our safe, gentle acceleration techniques can also reduce some of the discomfort associated with tooth movement.

We are pleased to offer AcceleDent at our Succasunna orthodontic office. Keep reading to learn more about accele orthodontics, and find out if AcceleDent may be right for your specific orthodontic needs.



This FDA-approved device is clinically proven to move teeth faster – in the comfort of your own home or office! AcceleDent uses gentle “micro-pulse” technology that works in conjunction with your braces or aligners to speed up the time needed to straighten your teeth. By simply using AcceleDent for 15-20 minutes each day, you can advance your own tooth movement while reading or watching TV. How’s that for convenient?

AcceleDent is also easy to use. Simply bite down on the device’s mouthpiece, turn on the activator, and allow the device to work its magic for about 20 minutes – and you’re done!

Ready to Drastically Reduce Your Time in Braces with Accele Orthodontics in Succasunna, NJ?

If you have any questions about AcceleDent in Succasunna, NJ, our team at Roxbury Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry will be happy to answer them. To schedule your child’s complimentary consultation, call us today at 973.584.7555 or click here. We can’t wait to welcome your child to the Roxbury Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry family!

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Succasunna, NJ, our team at Roxbury Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry also provides prestigious orthodontic and pediatric dental care to patients from Roxbury Township, Mt. Olive Township, Sparta Township, Randolph, Dover, Hopatcong, Mt. Arlington, Budd Lake, Flanders, and all surrounding areas in New Jersey.

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