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Pediatric Dental Crowns

Pediatric Dental Crowns for Children in Succasunna, NJ

Dr. Janny Lim received her undergraduate degree at Emory University followed by her Doctor of Dental Surgery certification at New York University College of Dentistry. She chose pediatric dentistry because she wanted to tackle preventive health at the earliest age and invoke positive changes for entire families. By working with both children and their parents, Dr. Lim can eliminate early obstacles that can prevent children from receiving proper dental care. She completed her residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA and is working towards board certification.

Dr. Lim enjoys playing Pokemon Go in her free time as well as making educational and fun dental tiktoks and instagram reels. Follow: princessjanny 

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What Is a Pediatric Dental Crowns?

Also known as a “cap,” a crown is a tooth-shaped dental restoration that is bonded to a chipped or damaged tooth to restore the tooth’s structure, function, and appearance. Usually, a crown is designed to cover the entire exposed portion of the tooth (above the gum line) and replaces all of the tooth’s protective outer layer (enamel). The tooth’s root remains intact.

Why Would a Crown Be Needed for a Baby Tooth?

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but it is not invincible. When sugary foods are eaten, bacteria that are naturally present in the mouth feed on the sugar and produce acid, which can break down tooth enamel. Bacteria can then penetrate a tooth and cause decay (a cavity).

All teeth are susceptible to decay, including baby teeth. But as a parent, you might wonder if pediatric dental crowns are really necessary since primary teeth are temporary and will be soon replaced by permanent teeth anyway. While this is true, baby teeth play an important role in creating sufficient space in the mouth for adult teeth. If a decayed baby tooth is extracted before the time that it would normally fall out, the surrounding teeth may shift toward the gap, leaving inadequate space for the incoming adult tooth. It is possible to avoid this problem—as well as the need for space maintainers—with a pediatric dental crown.

Options for Pediatric Dental Crowns

In the past, the only option for restoring a damaged primary tooth was a stainless-steel crown. Still widely used, this tried-and-true dental restoration is durable, strong, and particularly well-suited for molars. Some children even enjoy showing off their shiny new crown!

Another option is a Figaro crown, which is designed to closely match the tooth’s natural color. A Figaro crown may be a good alternative to a stainless-steel crown for a child who prefers not to have their teeth stand out in any way. Your child’s dentist at Roxbury Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry will be pleased to help you learn about the different pediatric dental crowns available so you can make the best possible decision for your child.

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If you have any questions about pediatric dental crowns, the team at Roxbury Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry in Succasunna, NJ, will be happy to answer them. To schedule your child’s complimentary consultation, call us today at 973.584.7555 or click here. We can’t wait to welcome you and your child to the Roxbury Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry family!

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